Advanced Raytracing by Dement / Broncs

3download this **** 256b advray.zip

this one uses a bunch of folders with weird names as datas and display a nice picture.

ranked 1 @ Fiasko '98 in 1998 on PC

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  • poi the idea is great, but I think it should be fobidden in contest rules, 'coz it might allow to encode some code in some folders name and then launch it
  • me that sucks..
  • you it makes me smile so that rlz
  • BorgClown I second poi, a couple of folder names could contain more code than the demo, besides, encoding data outside of the demo, whatever the form, goes over the 256b limit. But it I can deny it is a very original concept, slipping between the cracks :)
  • BorgClown Sometimes I don't make sense even to myself...
  • Iron Wallaby Pretty clever at the very least ;p
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