Wolf by Khamoon / Tube27

3download this ***** 256b wolf.zip

a bit like wolfenstein i like it if you walk out of the maze, you can walk around your cpu memory

ranked 2 @ Xenium '99 in 1999 on PC

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  • billy this is mad as 10 bears...
  • ra cool stuff!
  • DB i did not like getting stuck in the wall :p
  • Optimus Wow!!!
  • DiLA "walk around your cpu memory"(???)
  • B_KiLLeR Cool stuff! Would it be possible to construct a 3D game in 1K (4K) ?
  • Intrinsic 4K wouldn't be a problem. 1k would be very very tight but yes you could, it wouldn't look/play that well though ;pAre some great 2d 256b games though :)
  • B_KiLLeR I've found 6 interactive intros @256.com: "256-ark" "rlyeh" "Doh!!" "wolf" "tiefight" "w256". (+mzyz-01) Are there more? I love to use 256b 2D games!
  • P01 Thank you for reminding me the 256b tetris. AFAIR, there's some other interactive intros such as "Mickey", "255LUMPS" and "Bump is possible". But I don't know any other 256b games.
  • Radon "Briscols" is also interactive
  • yangwenli Is it a maze game,or only a demo ?Is there anybody walk out of the maze?
  • Intrinsic Just a size-coding demonstration, not a game or demo in the way your refering too it. Sure it could be made into a maze game, but it wouldn't be much fun ;p
  • yangwenli but, i like maze game.maybe i should learn to make this by myself .
  • B_KiLLeR Do that! Enjoy we shall. :)
  • Jojodi Whoa. You really can see your memory! If you walk outside the walls (You can go straight through them), you can actually see "geometry" made out of what I'm assuming is memory contents. Sweet!

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