When I was driving... by CRS / Broncs

3download this *** 256b driving.rar

When I was driving home balls of snow were falling. Similar to 128B demo called highway but not a copy. snow should 'vary' on different computers

ranked 5 @ Fiasko '99 in 1999 on PC

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  • MathM nice, but a buggy with that 'variable' snow
  • MathM dammit, i forgot the word "bit"
  • Intrinsic :) but a buggy like inthe game buggy boy driving down the middle would be cool :)
  • sinnfrei working file please
  • P01 archive fixed. Please, notice that kind of problems via the "report any wrong or missing information" link for faster reaction.
  • B_KiLLeR Nice.See:Wolf, How about a racing game? ;-)
  • hardy a bad bad bad bad game
  • wwtwfwer good
  • t_e_r_r_o_r nice
  • anonymous fuckyou to asshole

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