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3download this ***** 256b tube.zip

4(!) Raytraced tunnels!!! Amazing, current leader of pouet.net top10!!!

ranked 1 @ Syndeecate '01 in 2001 on PC

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tags: spiral

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  • Optimus A classic! A 256byte intro beeing in the top 3 in pouet! (Just trying if the comments works ;)
  • ? ...
  • tmb the best 256btro yet...
  • CoYHoT just ... hats off
  • Sdw Incredible! Amazing! Porn for coders! :)
  • LGDT too good. :)
  • Aiur This is just LEGENDARY !!!
  • ZlD I just figure out that you make a program that puts 256 bytes randomly in a file and run it, haha, just kidding! Great one!
  • Lode coolest thing I ever saw... I can't believe what I see
  • Gargaj woosh
  • Emma This is really cute :o)
  • Fluffy Cute? :o/
  • bodya Amazing! Perfect! Impossible!
  • ygfperson wow... 256 bytes exactly...great one.
  • Xterria Turtle shells will never be the same in my bedroom again
  • Fluff Respect dude.... Respect !
  • marcus man, these asm programmers should join emulation groups, i know a lil of asm, but these guys are like gods if compared to me, mainly the tunel one...i wonder what he could do on emulating a Xbox or ps2...
  • Optimus Yeah! Demo and emulator scene get connected!!!
  • siril/4D baZe, why no music there? ;))) tube is just pretty! :)
  • Paladin oh god that just killed opengl direct3d and every other 3d renderer ever made/to be made
  • Ecs']['asy THAT'S PATHIC !!!
  • Ecs']['asy The 64 Kb Ones are 100 times better than this shit !
  • Ecs']['asy www.theproduct.de
  • Jugalator Ecs']['asy - I wonder why,,, ~:-P
  • Pouropah let's see, 100*256=25600, looks like we don't get our moneys worth with the 64k ones eh ??? muppet..
  • billy Oriental...
  • Jesus I like potatos.
  • silentriot great job. respect.
  • Rogue Speechless...
  • RichardX Ecs][asy: This is 256 **BYTES**, not 256 Kilobytes. Still unimpressed?
  • elektro x you flamer, get lost...this is microbe DNA ;)
  • Optimus A
  • Optimus I don't remember to have ever written 'A' on this thread. Perhaps I was drunken...
  • Ecs']['asy Sorry, I was hasty, I was very tired :(
  • Ecs']['asy But I must say for 64 Bytes, that's Great!
  • Gorgull Excellent ! Another one ?
  • PoSeidon/INSANE omg, feel no urge 4 coding anymore ;)
  • Velusip I just started learning asm today and cannot even begin to fathom how that works...
  • Hamba amazing demo, gw
  • Lev Extra points for the exact file size.
  • ccore WTF? X'D Fukkin kool! :D
  • hanz Lev, anyone can add trash to the end to make it exact :)
  • ccore Y. For example: NOPs :P
  • Glow wow...
  • lelek it was great!
  • Defjam Incredible awesome. and decent speed!! btw.. it's mentioned some page by a Professor of computer science: http://www.cs.unc.edu/~lastra/comp238/Notes/ (look for: Th 29-Aug .. it''s not much but it's mentioned!) Keep on Rocking! (and
  • ... Wow, the source i s inredibly painful to understand.
  • srbo mogu ovo srbi i mnogo bolje
  • rodoljub 256 byte, my kid do better
  • rodoljub i do this in 218b, ha ha ha ha
  • srbo he he he rodoljub, i do this in 213b
  • srbo where is antialiasing baze
  • Strider (Crypt) Thist piece of code make reminds me in the cood old times ! Keep on coding ! Cheers....
  • zakmckraken wow ...
  • TekK dude thiz code iz amamazing!!! ".sk" means Slovakia?
  • DB OMG! Wow that's great! No how about Doom3 in 10Mb :)
  • MathM roxxor me boxxor !
  • avih 1001 thumbs up. the most amazing piece of code i've ever seen. congrats.
  • migeel impressing, impossible... you rock!
  • mathm roxxor me boxxor
  • Mark Rejhon One word: wow!
  • peebs didn't hit me until I saw it in a hex editor... all eight lines of it, jebus!
  • phazz this has got to be the best 256 b demo ever done. but maybe someone else comes up with a 3d engine in 256 bytes, who knows...
  • op cool
  • DiLA amazing, you are an artist
  • mirex +TekK: right, .sk = Slovakia
  • NinjaDRM Amazing. Will be very hard to beat this one!
  • LGDT yeah, yeah , it suxx without real-time global illumination with moving lights and human characters... :D
  • anonymous After seing this,,,,,, its just ,,, so fantastic
  • Beebop un-be-lie-va-ble!
  • SQuID CongratZ!
  • NeZbiE Not the best 256b imho, but pretty damn impressive, and one of the best.
  • Rockoon How increadibly old school of you
  • asshole fuck sdhit bitch ass!
  • anon in your n00b opinion
  • ChaosY @Ecs']['asy: Yeah RIGHT, but they are 256 times as biug you stupid!
  • Pirx Simply the best.
  • saxxonpike you could do this in 252 :) I noticed "baze" at the end of the ASM file and the COM file as well...
  • Dwedit "baze" is used as texture data I think
  • test test of comment
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