Spin by Baze / 3SC

3download this **** 256b spin.zip

A spinning Siepenski gasket with a blur trail. Really cool.

ranked 2 @ Demobit '00 in 2000 on PC

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  • KEN Holy...That's awesome!
  • SGtrUck even a 2nd window...killer
  • Zidane Wow whered u learn to kode like tht
  • MNScout awesome! so p urdy
  • drmad i can do that on logo too... =8-P
  • drmad 1000 points to Baze! greetz from Per?
  • StanZ omg !!
  • Disa Baze U are MONSTER!!!!
  • Killerbyyte Baze gets kudos.
  • Phiber Amazing of course. But i think the perspective is not always right. Or is it changing its shape?
  • etak Phiber: yes, the top vertex goes up and down =) Like always very, very impressive.
  • Lucid Wow.
  • mconstant That was so good it was wrong.
  • Iron Wallaby Wow, that's impressive. Need to study this one, too.Baze, you're a madman. ;)
  • sword007 tell me how to learn these skills so that I can develop this kind of programme.
  • gbl ololo

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