95 Widdows by CRS / Broncs

3download this **** 256b logosys.zip

as you see in the screenshot, this one displays the windows logo head over heals which is quite funny ^__^ would have been disqualified :)

ranked 7 @ Demobit '00 in 2000 on PC

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  • DiLA No image, just some offensive text :P
  • d pfffff
  • sinnfrei very funny
  • crs said to say, it worked only under Windows 95 and Win98 ;-6
  • Rodger Don't tell me, let me guess- you found the win98 startup screen and made your demo open the file and invert it. C'mon, I was hoping for some 133t compression!
  • B_KiLLeR BMPs are stored in this strange "top-down" method already! That's why my bitdraw thingy used that way too -- easier to draw a pic for it and displaying it needs one counter less too...
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