Self Disassembler by Rixta / 3SC

3download this **** 256b selfdasm.zip

the title is quite descriptive. This intro, is almost a quine.

ranked 10 @ Demobit '00 in 2000 on PC

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  • LGDT This is the best, but nobody can apreciate it.
  • \/\/o\/\/ Nah, this is self-congratulatory rubbish! You could do a better job in QBASIC. Least it would have some colour!
  • GnoStiC cool work
  • Rogue Gotta appreciate originality...
  • deadlock WoW eh? Can you at least _imagine_ writing disassembler using limited instruction set that only your 256 byte disassembler can display?
  • ddeml originality is its quality
  • ccore very philosophical :D
  • cTrix *l* This is brilliant! Oh the limitations... (how?!)
  • blala now that one is fuckin' cool :)
  • pSYCHo damn
  • Math'M. Not exactly a quine, but very nice :p
  • Gunblade Nice and original, but could be smoother.. bit jumpy
  • S_Tec I bow in reverence before this demo's awesome powers.
  • Killerbyte Inspirational. Well done.
  • P01 that's awesome for a 256b
  • kometbomb still one of my favorites
  • sssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • who what
  • Komojo I made a self-disassembler in 0 bytes! I beat you by 100% ;)
  • DiLA lovely
  • sac i don't exactly understand the principle of this, could someone explain? it sounds quite interesting =)
  • P01 This intro "simply" dissassemble itself and outputs its own source code. That's almost a QUINE ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quine ).
  • cr4ck3r mate thas is great!!!
  • ile great idea
  • Optimus wow!
  • tikka im in love
  • B_KiLLeR Original idea, neat RISC-design! Gotta' love it! :)
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