Poledne Dot Com by Cpoc / Downtown

3download this ***** 256b poledne.zip

The first 256bytes voxel landscape Damn cool thouhgh a little angular

ranked 1 @ Fiasko '00 in 2000 on PC

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  • me again! this is really nice! More background would be nice, but I guess you're limited to 256.. very nice!
  • Polli Yeah it rocks - remebers me the mars voxel demo
  • P01 if you like it, check "I like ya, Tweety! by Silique / Bizzare Devs" ( http://www.256b.com/demo.php?demoId=258 )
  • las woo hoo ;)
  • zxc oh, man, I like this one! :)
  • raina I like this one better because of the morphing landscape.

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