P0W3R'n'M0T10N by SerzhSoft / ?

3download this **** 256b power.zip

ranked 3 @ Syndeecate '01 in 2001 on PC

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  • poi press any key else than ESC to see the voxel cylinder
  • tmb a bit like twisted, but not quite. pretty though, reminds me of some microscope image or something :)
  • Pappirus wooow, it's superb electricstation or what? :)
  • StanZ beauty
  • Intrinsic Gorgeous
  • DiLA wow, i love it
  • MathM yummy
  • raksu really cool, detailed stuff :)
  • las nice
  • NinjaDRM Superb!
  • s yep, it's Electric station for getting energy :)
  • zxc amazing!
  • megaman wah, secret station in water! :)
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